Mindcom uses ERP implementation services which are a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for an enterprise. Consisting of several groups of integrated Business Modules
Mindcom through its BPM activities pioneers in providing consulting services to companies. Through combination of skills, methodologies and tools we deliver measurable results.
Mindcom uses its technology experiences and skilled resources to build wide range of products. Our Product Development process covers all the phases right from design, implementation to maintenance.
Mindcom implement QA & Testing solution for a variety of software products, web applications and enterprise applications. Services span Business Domain, Technology and Operational efficiency centric testing.
Mindcom has a team of skilled and experienced resources who support our clients through functional, technical, operational and accounting support. We aim to reduce cost and increase TAT
Mindcom manage all aspects of IT requirements right from Application Management, IT Development, Maintenance and Support Services using all latest technologies.
Mindcom has built a Campus Management System on the ERP model that can be used in educational institutions and we also are into imparting corporate and institutional training.