Mindcom undertakes independent software testing projects for global clients. Being in the software development field Mindcom leverages its significant testing expertise for this. We follow international standards and processes for the testing methodologies. We have a wide domain of expertise in manual testing, automated testing, stress testing. We also do unit testing and integration testing at program level in addition to other types of testing.

As IT industry is evolving, services like ecommerce, mobility, agile technologies, software as a service (SaaS), cloud constitutes a major portion of an organization's technology strategy .This has made testing a critical, fairly complex and time-consuming activity.Thus, in order to comply with this ongoing change, Mindcom is constantly innovating to find newer solutions, technologies and methodologies which can help ensuring higher application quality - at minimum business risk and with maximum business impact.

Mindcom helps clients building QA enterprise by providing a combination of transformation model, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation and new engagement models. Through scalable resource and delivery flexibility - there is always a possibility to increase demand with high skilled capacity.

We focus on building effective processes and providing a repository of shared resources and tools thereby reducing Time to Market and the risk involved. With unique keyword based test design and automation framework we offer a powerful framework for test design, automation and execution, also reducing cost of owning expensive software licenses.