Mindcom is experienced in developing and maintaining products. We have carved out our experiences into well-structured Product Development and Engineering services which can be leveraged during each phase of your software business, right from Business Planning to Product Engineering and Release management and Maintenance.Products are built keeping in mind the demand and delivery requirements.

We have divided our Product Engineering Services into different phases:


Mindcom offers a robust technological framework to support business vision of any organization. We
Idea Formulation & Problem Definition Phase
Mindcom helps in designing strategies and establishing strong development platforms and infrastructure. We construct a technical infrastructure and structured documentation to add substantial market value to your products.
Product Requirements and Prototyping Phase
Wedraw a detailed, well documented and structured Product Requirements plan for any customer where we use different approaches right from Discovering to Designing, Developing and Deploying.We also develop a Prototype to showcase your product to prospective investors and help them understand product and its functionality.


Mindcom helps you in preparing a high level development plan – encompassing locations, outsourcing, offshore and onsite resource plans.
Technology Overview and Software Development Plan
Mindcom's team prepares a detailed Technical Overview of the product, including details of software platform, data, business, high level logical architecture, presentation layers, points of integration and also non-functional aspects. We operate and work with your identifies hosting services provider which could be server platforms, software licenses, security and payment gateways, load balancing issues and database requirements.

As service delivery in today's environment is critical and expensive, Mindcom helps you decide on the business model for delivery - SaaS, web based, mobile and client server.


Mindcom delivers a well-developed product which is easy to build, maintain and support :
Building and Managing Product Development Lifecycle
Mindcom helps you plan and handle the Software Development Lifecycle right from identifying requirements to solution deployment. We design Resource Plan, Cost Management Plan and Risk Sheets which helps in reducing you costs in later run and make important decisions. We establish documentation procedures and adopts best practices in order to deploy the product in your environment under planned and technical supervision.


Mindcom excels in Post Development Support where engage in Product Maintenance and Support :
Product Maintenance
Mindcom helps to lower maintenance cost, ensure guaranteed services and timely response. We offer ongoing updates and cost effectiveness maintenance after understanding client's needs. For each project we apply strong methodology for application maintenance based on our Quality Management System.
Technical Support
We understand the criticality of a highly reliable and regularly available technical support which helps in retaining customers. Thus, in line to this we try to diagnose and solve customer's problems rapidly, resulting in high customer satisfaction.