With managed services from Mindcom Consulting, you can leverage a wide range of outsourcing options to ensure the stability, scalability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business and it operations.
Mindcom as your strategic IT partner will manage all aspects of your IT requirements leaving you free to focus on your core business competencies. As businesses strive to shrink costs and deliver value they must extract maximum leverage by spinning off all their processes to specialized vendors who will deliver the same at a much lower cost.

Mindcom offers end to end suite of managed services, in the following domains
ERP Process Services - Business Process Services
IT Development, Maintenance and Support services
Application Management and DBA Services
Network, Connectivity, Server and Data Centre Management Services
Cloud based Application Development and Support


We use the latest tools and methodologies to keep our clients abreast with current trends in the market place while keeping the cost as low as possible. Our engineers are trained in the latest technologies and continually upgrade themselves. All this ensures that our clients never have to worry about latest versions, upgrades, patches, etc. to their software, applications and ERP and retraining of the staff.

We set up 24/7 center for our clients, managing all aspects of software and business delivery. Our project managers proactively identify potential bottlenecks and have a commitment to improve the level of service provided on a constant basis.

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are tailored to the criticality of the business process with sufficient redundancy built in so that our customers do not have to spend more than what business warrants.

A well-defined escalation matrix is clearly communicated to all stake holders so that problems/issues are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.