Mindcom's Back Office services help reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies through our deep industry-based knowledge supporting the entire lifecycle of our client's customers


Increase Transparency and Lower costs
End-to-end back office support solutions
Billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and customer invoicing and reporting
Invoice entry, receipts application, credit verification, customer information management, etc,


Increase Savings and Improve Procurement Performance
Data analysis in terms of data gathering,classification and cleansing
Supplier market and risk analysis, bid evaluation - Sourcing support and analytic
Maintaining transactional details - Purchase requests, PO management, catalog management,


Help focusing on your core competencies
Make your HR team efficient to focus on strategic human capital management issues
Increase the quality of employee services and reduce costs
Comprises of benefits like administration support, payroll processing and workforce management tasks

Application Management
PO /Order/ Cash Application
End to End Back Office Support
Order, PO, Invoice
Real Time Data Support
Invoice and Payment Management
Financial Data Download directly from the customer
Data Posting and Reconciliation
Cost Basis Reconciliation
Client and Performance Reporting
Financial Data Download directly from the customer
Billing Setup and Support
Data and Database Conversions

Reducing the billing operations of client
Building the cultural gap and create customer experience standards across all processes
Manage large volumes and faster Turn Around Times (TATs) for resolving complaints
Better revenue collection efforts
Creating long term scalable business model


Through a combination of process automation and process re-engineering tools and techniques Mindcom has completed a series of projects to improve efficiency and overall quality of service. Our approach towards process improvement is based on the following objectives:
Effective Resource Deployment to eliminate repetitive tasks
Revenue growth and Cost Reduction
Service Improvement
Accuracy and Quality Of Data
Increase transparency and Reduce Backlog
Supporting client in resolving end to end processes
Reduce user-application interaction at client & server level using a single interface


Adherence to stringent regulatory guidelines and services standards& Data security and expert IT support
Significantly better TAT enabling to meet critical client commitments and SLAs in time &Improved client retention
Simplified financial operations and efficient handling of large volumes of transactions
Huge cost reduction and processing cycle time along with streamlined processes