Medical responsibility of the employee, directly or indirectly, remains a key part of human resource management and is a company burden, as it involves diversion of a lot of time & energy of company manpower in a niche, multispecialty area that could be utilized otherwise. There are hassles of database maintenance and other hurdles related to 24 hours decision making responsibilities. To over come this scenario and to assist the corporate, we proudly presents Total Employee Healthcare solutions.


  • Our is venture of MINDCOM Group, a gateway to corporate medical solutions worldwide.
  • Our aims to simplify the corporate health management, helping the companies to have a simple and hassle free employee medical solution.


  • Provision of comprehensive group of medical services tailored to balance employee productivity and healthcare costs. We will understand Organization’s specific needs and recommend the program or combination of services that will best meet your needs 
  • We will provide 24 X 7 helpline for all employees
  • Employee need remember only two telephone numbers of our helpline and online support access to your employee.

Medical cover to employees

  •         OPD cover 
  •         Institutional cover, Hospital admissions
  •         Accident cover.
  •         Emergency cover
  •         Travel medicine cover
  •         Pregnancy cover
  •         Prevention, wellness and support programme
  •         Prevention, wellness and support programme
  •         Chronic and malignant ailment treatment cover
  •         Second opinion programme
  •         Alcohol

Drug Free Environment Programme

  •     Appointments scheduling 
  •     Comprehensive Psychoactive substances
  •     Random & 100% Checks
  •     Psychiatric support
  •     Psychological & Social support
  •     Institutional Rehabilitation support


  • Each employee database will be created and maintained by us for medical purposes
  • Initial medical will be arranged as per the company standards at no extra cost for the company
  • All medical related issues like appointment , follow up and maintenance of medical records will be performed by us.
  • Future medical issues like admission, insurance liabilities and claims will be maintained by us on behalf of company and records will be stored for future access of company.
  • Medical check up will be done through existing approved medical practitioners, with high standard equivalent to Class 1 medical examination of DGCA for civil aviation pilots .


  • Strong business relationship with Auto Companies for more than 8 years and counting.
  • Consists of strong panel of Doctors, Medical Examiners and Medical Administrators.
  • Supporting Medical Hospitals & Labs approved by NABH/ NABL .
  • Consists of medical panel which is authorized to conduct CLASS 1 and CLASS 2 civil pilots medical examination, which is one of the highest level of medical examination in the country.
  • On –Time support for companies to track the employee medical status pan India.

Process driven operations

  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Improve safety through best SOPs
  • Reduce administrative headaches by being simple& single point contact for all medical needs.
  • Ability to replicate efficient model at smaller places

Pre-employment Medicals

  • Benefits:
  •         Safety issues through our experienced advise. 
  •         Ensures better fit of an employee 
  •         Decrease Insurance cost and optimizes safety 
  •         Increase productivity and decrease loss of man-hours 
  • In house setup or outsourcing to empanelled hospitals 
  • Policy for lab/hospital empanelment 
  • Final decision making for employment 
  • Review, Appeal, TMU and PMU cases


  • Policy Decisions :
  •          Duration of record maintenance 
  •         Identify authority for records and chain of command 
  • Infrastructure for records storage 
  • Custody of records 
  • Records of destroyed documents 
  • Digitalizing of records and identify online ‘authority of custody’

Accident Response and Recovery Role

  • Designate medical officers for drills and take part in accident response
  • team of managers/government authorities
  • ‘Go-Team’ member 
  • Basic training:
  •         Resource allocation
  •         Accident response 
  •         Triage 
  •         Coordination


To raise the happiness quotient of the company through smart health management and partner with client to create fireballs to blunt expected failure.