Engineering Services

At MINDCOM , we strive to lead in implementation and management of solutions focused on supply chain optimization for metalworking and industrial supply commodities. The objective of these solutions is to reduce customers “Total Cost” while increasing customer satisfaction. Our team of procurement specialists, analysts, engineers and information technology personnel has a passion for continuous improvement.
MINDCOM combines resources to offer better commodity management solutions and achieve reduced procurement costs. Our breadth and depth of product lines from multiple suppliers and value-added services will streamline vendors, resulting in dramatic cost savings. We manage the costs associated with supply chain management including inventory costs, paperwork, invoicing, and quoting. Our team & Process develops a thorough understanding of your goals, products, services, and an implementation plan that takes advantage of the vast supply network.
Key Features:
    World Class Manufacturers
    Reduced Vendors
    Technical and Engineering Support
    Web Based Supply Chain Management Application
    Improved Inventory Management
    Product Standardization
    Strong IT & ERP

Inventory Management
Understanding the demand-flow & Planning & Just in time concept of your business is the first step in building an inventory management system. We’ll help you determine when and where you’ll need components & Parts. Then we’ll design a system that integrates with your company’s existing infrastructure to automate each step of the process. Imagine orders predicted and fulfilled automatically – before you run out of stock. MINDCOM’s demand-flow Systems monitor and replenish your component bins to keep up with production. And our electronic infrastructure and EDI systems reduce paper and eliminate delays by immediately sensing and filling orders via scanner, fax, and other systems. We’ll even plan required stock so that you never worry about running low during high-volume demand time.

Key Features: 
    Globally available internet based system
    Internet accessible usage and audit reports
    Inventory and user control
    Secure storage
    24-hour availability
    Full audit trail
    Manage return and reuse capabilities
    Supplier access to inventory usage
    Replenishment plans automatically triggered

Cost Saving Solutions

 We offer a number of services focused around Industrial supply commodities. These services are focused on “Total Cost Reduction” for our customers.

Key Features: 
    Engineering Services
    Cost per unit management
    Process improvements
    Leveraged IT Model