Six Sigma, ISO and CMMI are all closely embedded in the daily work management practices of the organization and are integrated into the Quality Management System (QMS).

In today's global marketplace, people are the greatest resource. To achieve the most important goals on a consistent basis, people bring their knowledge, skills, and energy together to help the organization produce ‘solution-focused' leaders and managers who invariably get the job done. Early in its journey, Mindcom assessed its core aspects of business operations: leadership, strategic planning, customer, human resource focus, and knowledge management. It then adopted world-class standards & practices and improvement methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, to amplify its delivery capability & customer satisfaction.

Quality Implementation leads to :

Better Performance
Competency Based Practices
Highly motivated talent
Cycle time and defects reduction
Repeatable and predictable processes
Strong sense of ownership

Quality Policy

As per the policy, Mindcom continuously pronounce its personal commitment to understand,  meet and, when possible, exceed our Customer's expectations by providing defect free products, value added services & innovative solutions and flexible technology solutions and services on-time and within budgeted cost through the continuous Improvement of our processes. We shall also endeavour to nurture an environment where trust, fairness and integrity flourish.

Quality Process

Quality processes at Mindcom are being described in the form of procedures and policies and are aligned with the various templates and checklist to ensure the appropriate implementation. The Processes and projects are being managed by adopting a formal procedure for:

Document Maintenance
Requirements Gathering
Risk Management
Different Life Cycles for different kinds of projects
Organization Process database
Support Processes
Quality Assurance
Configuration Management
Causal Analysis
Defect Analysis
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Measurement & Analysis
Different levels of Verification:
Formal Inspection
Peer Reviews
Causal Analysis
Defect Analysis
Code Review Tools
SME Reviews
Unit Testing
Processes compliant with:
ISO 9001:2000 Standards
Peer Reviews

Top Training
Mandatory Training on Process, Induction to the new joinees
Customized Modules on Software Engineering and Life Cycle

Quality Certificates – ISO 9001:2008

Mindcom began the process of mapping ISO process initiative in 2012. As part of ISO, we laid our Quality Management System in line with ISO Standards taking care of Management, Project, Delivery and Support processes. These processes and clauses of ISO were mapped to the key process areas of CMM.

What it means for our Customers?
Better Project Management and Adherence to SLAs through focused support processes, engineering and project management processes.
Enhanced Productivity leading to 20% improvements

Quality Certificates – SEI CMMI

Mindcom embarked on CMMI journey to catch up with the other players in the year 2015 and we are in the process of getting assessed at Level 3.

What it means for our Customers?
Better Control of Processes and Products.
Improved Estimation Accuracy.
Lowered Cycle Time and Turn Around Time by 30%.
Improved Productivity by 20%.
Reduced Defects by 20%.